JusticeRidge Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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2007 JusticeRidge Puppies

JusticeRidge proudly announces their new family of Rhodesian Ridgeback
puppies born to CH AylaMichele and CH Jamu 
on April 9, 2007.
In honor of the famous Lawmen of the 1800's, we have named our male puppies after the brave Wyatt Earp
and his counterpartner who fought at the "OK Corral".
"Wyatt" (Earp) and "Doc Holliday"
The "Babes" of JusticeRidge have been named after the beautiful Country Music Singers. 
"Reba" (McIntire) and "Dolly" (Parton)

JusticeRidge First Edition "Dolly"
5 Months Old

Reba (aka Lucy) and Dolly

Wyatt went to his new home in Southern California to a wonderful person who is a Sargent for Orange Co Sheriff Office.  We are so thrilled to have our Wyatt continue our Law Enforcement image.  At a very early age of 12 weeks, Wyatt has made his first visit to the meet his new owner's fellow officers and he has made a hit!  Wyatt's new owner has named him "Wyatt Layin Down The Law".
Doc went to his new family in the Bay Area who have a sweet little boy, named Logan.  I'm afraid Doc will be bigger than Logan very soon, but I know they have become great pals.  Doc has been able to visit the family business and meet lots of people.  Doc's family have decided to keep his name as "Doc Holliday" as well.
Reba went to her new family in the Bay Area who have two children (Matthew and Julia).  Reba's litter name has been changed to "Lucy" and is very much loved by her new family.  Lucy is getting to do daily errands with Mom "Deanna" with her busy schedule with the kids and is enjoying her new family.  Lucy has been able to visit the beach and loved playing in the sand.  Lucy will be starting puppy training soon and I know she will do very well.
Dolly will be JusticeRidge's first "Bred By" in the show ring and I know she will make us very proud.  Dolly's registered show name will be "JusticeRidge First Editon".  Her first show will be the BARRC 4th Annual Regional Speciality October 20, 2007.

Lucy and Matthew

Lucy - 6 Months Old
Trip to School w/ Julia and Matthew

"Best Friends"
Lucy and Matthew - October 2007

Lucy Crossing the "big" Steam !

First Camping Trip w/ New Family
Matthew - "Lucy" - Julia