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DC JusticeRidge Big Trouble in Little Kina of Pupukea, SC

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DC JusticeRidge Big Trouble in Little Kina of Pupukea, SC "Kina"
MBIS CH PupukeaRidge Ikaika O Sprngvly x CH Kariba JusticeRidge AylaMichele, SC "Ayla"

Kina wins her 5th Best of Breed
First Trial as a Field Champion / Dual Champ!

Kina wins 5 pt Major - Best of Breed
New Field and Dual Champion!!

JusticeRidge is Proud to Announce Our New Champion!
" CH JusticeRidge Big Trouble in Little Kina of Pupukea, SC "
 *** On New Year's Eve 12/31/2010 ***
San Mateo KC - Judge Dr. Donald A. Gill
What a Fantastic Way to End 2010 and Start 2011 !

2nd Place - 79th RRCUS National Specialty
JusticeRidge Big Trouble in Little Kina of Pupukea

Kina wins a 5 Point Major & Best of Breed in an AKC Lure Coursing Trial
First 2 Trial Weekends = Two Best of Breeds!
BCONC - December 5th, 2010
AKC Lure Coursing Points to date = 7 Points

Kina's First Weekend of Lure Coursing Nov 20-21
QC / JC Title on Sat - BOB and 2 PTS Sunday !


JusticeRidge proudly presents our new Field Champion / Dual Champion

DC JusticeRidge Big Trouble in Little Kina of Pupukea, SC "Kina"

MBISS MBIS GCH Pupukea Ridge Ikaika O Sprngvly ROM CGC TDI   -   CH Kariba JusticeRidge AylaMichele, SC

Owned and loved by Brooke and Christina Bowen / Breeder and Co-Owner: Tina Jones

I normally do not post so many details but this is a very special brag that I would like to share about Kina's accomplishments done in California.

Due to the fact our first priority for Kina was to earn her AKC Conformation championship, we did not begin her lure coursing career until she had both of her AKC conformation majors and most of her minor points, so her first test to earn her Junior Coursing Title/QC, etc began on October 22, 2010 at the BARRC LC Speciality in Livermore. This was Kina's first leg of her Junior Courser. Kina was unable to complete her QC that day due to a terrible accident when her Mommy "Ayla" tore her pads on the same day Kina won a Five Point major at the conformation show in Pleasanton, CA show, so we skipped Kina's QC test for that day. The next opportunity for Kina to earn her 2nd leg of her Junior Courser was November 20, 2010. Kina did run for her JC and also completed her QC the same day which allowed her to run her first trial the next day. The following day (November 21, 2010), Kina ran her first trial and won her open class and Best of Breed, winning her first 2 points towards her Field Championship. Also the first leg of her Senior Coursing Title.

The next trial was December 4th, 2010 at the BCONC where Kina won 5th place in open and her second leg of her Senior Coursing Title. The next day at the same club, Kina won her open class and Best of Breed for her first 5 point major, now giving her 7 points and her third leg towards her Senior Coursing Title.

December 31, 2010 - Kina Wins Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners and her AKC Conformation Championship shown by breeder, Tina Jones

Starting a new year with a New Champion for JusticeRidge, our next goal is Kina's Field Championship and Dual Championship.

Next trial was April 3rd, 2011 at the SSIH in Sloughouse, CA and Kina wins her open class and Best of Breed for her second 5 point major and 4th and final leg to earn her Senior Coursing Title. Kina now has a total of 12 points towards her Field Championship and is a Senior Courser.

April 14th, Kina runs in the Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's (OCRRC) LC Speciality and wins 5th Place, but not giving up we enter at the next trial to be held by the Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (BARRC) on April 30th, 2011. Kina wins 3rd place and 2 more points, one point shy of her field championship.

May 1, 2011 --- Kina runs at the same venue at the Northern California Whippet Club (NCWC) and ties for first place and has a run off and wins first place and earns her Field Championship. Kina runs off for BOB against the Specials and Veteran and wins her 3rd Best of Breed and her third LCing Five point major!! JusticeRidge has their first Dual Champion!

Kina runs for Best in Field and ties with the WHIPPET!! So she has to run AGAIN #6 for the day...... but the Whippet wins BIF, but Kina as tired as she was gave a very nice run! The day is not over yet for Kina... She runs her 7th and final run of the day to allow Nikki (Pierce-Star litter) to earn her QC and she passes!!! It was a great day! Josie and Tayo, who are from our Dolly-Nico litter (ages 15 months) ran for their JC/QC and passed, so it was a good day all around. Josie tore her pads so was unable to run for her QC, but she did get her first leg of JC and Tayo and Nikki qualified and passed their QCs. Kina and our other RR kids were VERY tired and deserve a nice rest and special TLC......

Thank you for allowing me to brag, as I am so proud of our JusticeRidge RR kids... :))

Tina Jones, JusticeRidge

OCRRC's 25th Independent Specialty Show - Silver Anniversary
April 15, 2011

" KINA "
Best of Breed Class

JusticeRidge Wins Big at Skyline Dog Fanciers of San Mateo County in Pleasanton, CA

Pam and Ikaika
Kina and Rudy's Sire

Ikaika BOB - Daughter "Kina" WB/WB - 4 PT Major
SkyLine KC - October 22, 2010

Kina Wins 3pt Major in California !
Skyline KC - October 21, 2010

Kina and Pam
"Great Movement"

Kina Wins BIG
1st in 12-18 / BOW / BOB / Group 3

Monday (5/31/2010)  - Kina / Winner's Bitch - Best of Winners - Best Opposite   (Shown by Tina Jones)

Kina and Tina
Winner's Bitch / Best Opposite - Reno KC / 8-21-2010

Kina's First Two AKC Points
Winner's Bitch

Halloween 2009

The Girls Enjoying the Sun!!!

What is this white thing???
Are we Lure Coursing ??

Kina and Sienna